Introducing the Yavin Base Team League

Registration for the inaugural Yavin Base Team League is now open! The Yavin Base Team League is a Swiss team tournament for Star Wars: Legion on Tabletop Simulator. Players compete in teams of three, and are paired off against one another in a best-of-three style match. Each team that wins two or more of its games in a match is awarded one point. Overall team records are used to break ties, so every game counts. Each team will play each other team, in accordance with the Swiss style format. At the end of the Swiss rounds, the team with the highest score and best overall record wins the league. If two teams are tied for first place, both on League points and overall record, then their placing will be decided by a playoff match.

How to Register

The first step to taking part in the Yavin Base Team League is to join The Legion Discord. You must join so you can receive all relevant information and communicate with other participants. Then, to register for the league, you’ll need to create a team of three players with accounts on Registration on Challonge is completely free. Your team captain will need to register a team on Challonge by clicking on their username in the upper right hand corner and selecting Teams > New Team. You’ll need an appropriate team name and an optional avatar. Once your registration is complete and all players have been added to the team, head to the YBTL registration page and sign up.

How to find the ‘New Team’ button on

The deadline to register is 11:59 pm Pacific Time on December 3, with Round 1 Matches announced on the morning of Dec 4. Each round should be completely finished within a 2 week time frame, if they are completed sooner then the timeline will move up.

Matchmaking and Game Time Limits

The Yavin Base Team League uses a pairing system heavily influenced by the European Team Championship (you can find out more at Each three-player team will need to nominate one member to be their captain. Once a match is scheduled between two teams, each player will create an 800 point list that they will use during the round. Once the players have selected their lists for the round, the captains meet with one another and go through a pairing sequence to determine which players will face one another. Lists are not fixed, so players may choose a new list for every round of the tournament, but all three lists for the round must be chosen and are locked once the pairing sequence begins.

Yavin Base Team League Pairing Sequence:

  1. Each Captain selects one list from their set of three, keeping it secret.
  2. Both Captains simultaneously reveal which list they have selected.
  3. Next, the Captains pick an army from their two remaining to face the army the opposing captain revealed. This creates the first two pairings.
  4. The remaining armies from each team are paired together to create the third pairing.

This process should present some interesting list building opportunities – do you include a skew list to surprise the opposition? Or, do you have three tough lists that can handle anything? It will be up to the captain, with the advice of the team, to decide how and where each army will fight. Once the pairings have been assigned, the players will get in contact with their opponent to schedule their game. League games will have a time limit of two hours and thirty minutes, with time starting just prior to the command phase of Round 1. When time runs out, players finish their current round and the game ends.

The full tournament rules, unit legality and map pool list will be published very soon, but for now, grab some friends and register! Victory awaits!

Register in three easy steps:

1. Join The Legion Discord
2. Find two friends and make a team on Challonge (you’ll need a Challonge account for this)
3. Once your team is ready, sign up using the registration page

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