YBTL Updates, Prizes and Map Pool

team list ybtl
Registration for the Yavin Base team league is off to a flying start. One week after registration opened, twelve teams are now registered, with at least two more on the way. Registration ends in six days, so if your team has not registered yet, please do so! You can find all the registration details in this article.

YBTL Prize Pool

The YBTL received some excellent prize support from a number of generous community members recently. Through their sponsorship, YBTL is able to offer some substantial rewards for placing in the top three. Here’s what the prize pool looks like so far:

First Place Team: 150 dollars and 3 Legion Discord shirts
Second Place Team: 75 dollars and 3 sets of Q3 Alt Arts
Third Place Team: 75 dollars and 3 sets of Q2 Aurebesh Command Cards

My sincere thanks to Dan Wulf Games, The Fifth Trooper, The Legion Discord and Notorious Scoundrels for sponsoring this league.  I am still looking to grow the prize pool for this event, so if you are someone who is interested stepping up and sponsoring the YBTL, please contact me (@Endless#5055) through The Legion Discord.

Full Rules Available, Pairing Sequence Updated

The full rules for the Yavin Base Team League are now available here! If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

With the community’s feedback, the first part of the pairing sequence is going to be changed. Concerns were raised that a simultaneous list reveal during the pairing sequence would not be technically possible online without a judge present, so we are switching to a coin flip system for first part of the pairing sequence.

Yavin Base Team League Pairing Sequence (Revised):

  1. The two captains will flip a coin (or roll a red defense die with no surge).
  2. The captain who lost the toss (or roll) picks an army for the first pairing. The winning captain then picks an army to face it.
  3. Next, the winning captain picks an army for the second pairing. The captain who lost the toss picks an army to face it.
  4. The remaining armies from each team are paired together to create the third pairing.

I am confident that the net effect will be relatively the same as the old system, without the need for any monitoring.

YBTL Map Pool

The Invader League set a precedent for Legion map making on TTS. Each new season would have a unique set of maps to draw from to keep the gameplay varied and interesting. These maps would offer great play experiences, both in ease of use and in aesthetics and immersive quality. For the Yavin Base Team League, players will return to some old Invader League favorites, as well as some new tables on which to wage war. In selecting maps, I was looking for community favorites that brought together a combination of smooth play and great visuals.

The Yavin Base Team League will have a pool of seven maps to draw from. Once the players have entered the game, they will be able to select one of these seven maps at random on which to play their league game. In addition, the Team League is an opportunity for new mapmakers to get their work into the mod. Tieren has done so much good work for the Invader League and the TTS Legion community as mod creator and chief mapmaker, and it’s only fair that the community step up and give some of their time as well. To that end, there are a two new map offerings that can only hope to measure up to the fine work he has done. Hopefully this will inspire more people to try out Legion map making.

With that said, here are the maps for the Yavin Base Team League, plus where they were first featured.

Vader’s Landing Bay – Invader League Season 1
Author: tieren

vader's landing bay

Kashyyyk Jungle – Invader League Season 2 Single Elimination
Author: tieren

kashyyyk jungle

Bespin Plaza – Invader League Season 2 Single Elimination
Author: tieren

bespin plaza

Jedha Town Square – Invader League Season 2 Finals
Author: tieren

jedha square map overview

Endor Bunker Assault – New for YBTL
Author: Nerfley


Hoth Perimeter Camp – New for YBTL
Author: Endless

hoth perimeter camp

Tarkin Town – Invader League Season 2 Group Stage
Author: tieren


The league opens in six days, and the excitement continues to mount for what promises to be a fantastic event! Register your team, completely free of charge, at this link.

YBTL Registration Page

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