The Yavin Base Team League has begun!

The Yavin Base Team League has been launched! Registration closed on December 3rd, with a whopping 16 teams from around the online Legion community signed up. That means 48 players are going to take part in this new venture in Legion organized play.

If you were not able to get on a team, and still want to take part in the Yavin Base Team League, you can sign up as an alternate. If a slot on any of the teams opens up, we’ll contact you to ask if you can replace the player who dropped. If you’re interested in being an alternate, send Endless, Orkimedes or TalkPolite a message on The Legion Discord to get your name on the list.

Now that the league has begun, the bracket can be viewed at any time by clicking on the link here. The bracket will update as games are completed and scores are reported. Players will be competing for 300 dollars in cash prizes, a set of t-shirts from The Legion Discord, and sets of alternate art cards from the quarterly kits.

First Place Team: 150 dollars and 3 Legion Discord shirts
Second Place Team: 75 dollars and 3 sets of Q3 Alt Arts
Third Place Team: 75 dollars and 3 sets of Q2 Aurebesh Command Cards

vader's landing battle
A battle on “Vader’s Landing Bay,” one of seven maps featured in the YBTL

Follow the Action

As the rounds progress, you can watch the action live on the Yavin Base Twitch channel. Games will be broadcast multiple times a week with commentary, analysis and chat interaction! And, if you miss any of the live games, they’ll be available for a limited time in the VOD library. Since the league schedule is highly variable, there are a number of ways you can find out when the channel is going live. You can become a follower on the Yavin Base Twitch channel, join The Legion Discord to see when matches are going live, or visit the Yavin Base Facebook community to keep track of when to tune in.

To start things off, you can catch the official League Opening today, December 4th, at 3:00pm Pacific. We’ll play some Legion, talk about the league format, the players, some of the matches to watch, as well as the new units that have recently been previewed by FFG. We’ll also have various voices from the Legion Discord community joining us. Tune in and participate by asking questions in the chat!

When it comes to the Yavin Base Team League, there will be plenty to write about. Sixteen teams competing in four rounds play means that almost 200 games of Legion are scheduled to be played over the next two months. Future articles on Yavin Base will be dedicated to league coverage, match results and game analysis. Make sure to check back here to read the latest reports on the progress of the league.

Our Sponsors

A huge thank you to the sponsors who are making the Yavin Base Team League prizes possible. Please give them a visit:

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