About Yavin Base

Yavin Base is a blog dedicated to Star Wars: Legion content, covering news, strategy and tactics, battle reports, and other related topics. It’s author is a dedicated Rebel player, so most articles are written from the Rebel viewpoint.

You can find articles covering strategy and tactics under the War Room heading. You can also find battle reports or commentary on specific games and tournaments. There are also occasional brief posts covering breaking news, community reactions or other stories.

The Databank is a collection of articles about specific Rebel Alliance units, it is occasionally updated with new information as the game evolves.

Yavin Base has recently founded a Facebook community, feel free to join the discussion here: https://www.facebook.com/yavinbase/

The Legion Discord is a massive Discord server for Legion players on Tabletop Simulator and is home to the online Invader League. Join for more info!

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