X-34 Landspeeder revealed, first impressions

For awhile now, the Legion player base has been wondering when the next Heavy Supports would be coming. The disappointing performance of the the T-47 Airspeeder has left Rebel players hungry for a new unit in that role. The T-47's cost and relatively low defensive power have kept it grounded ever since Veers came into … Continue reading X-34 Landspeeder revealed, first impressions


A Case for the Naked AT-RT

There was an extremely brief phase, early in Legion's life, where the naked AT-RT was being used strictly as a piece to pad your activation count. Competitive Rebel lists were something like Luke, Leia, max corps and two naked RT's for a smooth ten activations. Plus, it was pretty cute to kill speeder bikes with … Continue reading A Case for the Naked AT-RT