Yavin Base Team League Rules


The Yavin Base Team League (YBTL) is a swiss team tournament for Star Wars: Legion on Tabletop Simulator.

A ‘team’ is a group of three players with a unique team name. Once a team has registered, and the tournament begins, it is locked and may not change. However, if a team member needs to drop for unforeseen reasons, a substitute may be recruited. Please inform the TO (Endless) if this happens.

Each three player team will nominate a Captain. The role of the Captain is to end disputes, liaison with the organizers, and facilitate pairings for each match. The Captain has final say on all team decisions.

The number of tournament rounds will depend on total number of teams registered. Swiss rounds will be played until a clear undefeated team emerges.


  1. All players will join The Legion Discord to receive relevant information and communicate with other tournament participants and staff.
  2. All players will make an account on Challonge.com and join a team there.
  3. The creator of each team will register for the YBTL at the following link:
  4. Registration must be completed before 11:59pm on December 3rd.

Tournament Scoring and Tie Breaks

A match win is worth 1 point. Match wins are used to determine overall ranking. The team with the highest number of match wins and the best overall win/loss record will be the team league champion.

A team’s win/loss record is used to break ties between matches. If two teams are exactly tied on points and win/loss record, their win/loss record versus the team that tied with them is used as a second tie breaker (aka “wins versus tied”)


Teams that place first, second, and third will receive the following prizes:

First Place Team: 150 dollars (50/player) and 3 Legion Discord shirts
Second Place Team: 75 dollars (25/player) and 3 sets of Q3 Alt Arts
Third Place Team: 75 dollars (25/player) and 3 sets of Q2 Aurebesh Command Cards

Army Lists

A ‘list’ includes its faction, units, upgrades, command hand and battle deck. Each team member will build a legal 800 point list in accordance with the force organization chart in the most recent edition of the Star Wars: Legion rules.

Players must submit their lists, with all relevant data, to the team captain before the pairing sequence (defined below) for their next match begins.

Lists are not required to be unique to each match, nor are they required to change between matches. You may play the same list for all your games, or change as you wish.

Unit Legality

All current offline releases for Star Wars: Legion are legal for this tournament.

Unreleased units legal for this tournament:

Rebel Officer (Commander and Unit Upgrade)
Sabotaged Communications (Command Card)
Common Cause (Command Card)
Brains and Brawn (Command Card)
Notorious Scoundrels (Command Card)
Wookiee Warriors
Bowcaster Wookiee

Imperial Officer (Commander and Unit Upgrade)
Covert Observation (Command Card)

Players are encouraged to save their list before their matches by loading the SW:Legion mod in TTS and saving a data disk, though this is not required.

Matchmaking and Pairing

Teams are matched according to the Challonge.com Swiss format, with a random seed during round 1.

A ‘match’ is a set of three games, played between the members of each team.
A ‘pairing’ consists of two players scheduled to play one game for the match.

Captains are responsible for creating pairings. Captains must begin the pairing sequence having all three of their team’s complete army lists. Captains should submit all list data to Orkimedes, with one exception: If they are matched against Notorious Scoundrels, list data should be submitted to TalkPolite.

Captains do not reveal their team’s lists to the opponent until each list is chosen and revealed during the pairing sequence.

Once the pairing sequence begins, their team’s army lists are locked and may not be changed. The captain of each team meets with the captain of the opposing team and follows the pairing sequence to generate pairings.

Pairing Sequence

  1. The two captains will flip a coin (or roll a red defense die with no surge).
  2. The captain who lost the toss (or roll) picks an army for the first pairing and reveals it to their opponent. The winning captain then picks an army to pair against it and reveals it to their opponent.
  3. Next, the winning captain picks an army for the second pairing and reveals it to their opponent. The captain who lost the toss picks an army to pair against it and reveals it to their opponent.
  4. The remaining armies from each team are paired together to create the third pairing, and both are revealed.

Once the pairings have been made, the captains will inform their players which member of the opposing team they are paired against. The players in each pairing must contact one another and schedule their game. This game must be played before the round ending date for it to count. If players have scheduling difficulties, please contact the TO to remedy the situation.

Once all three games in a match have been completed and the results tallied, the team with more victories wins the match.


Round Length and Time Limits

A tournament round ends when either all games have been played in the current round, OR 2 weeks have passed since the round start date. If a team is not able to complete any of their games for their match, the unplayed games will count as a loss for both teams. In the event that the match score is tied, the match will count as a tie (neither a win, nor a loss). Thus, it is very important to complete matches within the time allotted. Please contact the TO if there are any scheduling difficulties so they can be remedied.

Each game will be constrained by a 2 hour and 30 minute time limit.

The game timer will begin immediately prior to the command phase of Round 1. It is suggested that players use the clock object inside the mod to keep track of time.

When the time limit expires, players finish the current round and conclude the game.

If a player must step away from the keyboard, players will pause the timer until that player returns.

If a player must step away from a match for an extended period of time, players may agree to continue at a later time.

If a player cannot conclude a match before the round deadline, they forfeit that match for their team.

Map Pool

Each game in the Yavin Base Team League will be played on one of seven maps available in the TTS Legion mod. These maps are:

  • Vader’s Landing
  • Kashyyyk Jungle
  • Jedha Town Square
  • Bespin Plaza
  • Endor Forest Bunker
  • Hoth Perimeter Camp
  • Tarkin Town

No other maps may be used for the purposes of a league game.

Consent to Streaming

By participating in the YBTL, you agree that your game may be selected for streaming on Twitch.tv and will appear on one of YBTL’s approved streams.

You may also be interviewed prior to and after your match has been completed if you are one of the featured games.

Team captains may also be interviewed in like manner.

Rule Changes

Rules for the YBTL may be subject to change to ensure the smooth running and timely execution of all tournament procedures. All players must be notified in a timely manner if any such change occurs.

Tournament Staff and Sponsors

TO, Judge: Endless
Head Judge: Orkimedes
Judges: Dashz, TalkPolite


  • Dan Wulf Games
  • The Fifth Trooper Podcast
  • Notorious Scoundrels Podcast
  • The Legion Discord